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500 Middle School Students

March 16, 2013

March 14 – 26th Expanding your horizons conference

Looks like today, Friday, will be an exciting day at the UMaine campus when 500 middle school girls converge from all over the state for an opportunity to attend a conference learning more about science and math.

The event is cosponsored by UMaine Women’s Resource Center, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine, College of Engineering, University Bookstore, the Provost’s Office and Maine Girls Collaborative Project.

The day begins at 9:00 AM with a keynote provided by a representative from Hardy Girls Healthy Women in Waterville. Students will select hands-on workshops being held throughout the Orono campus.

Among the selections are:

  • Experimenting with the Natural Flora of Bacteria on Our Hands, led byundergraduate student Jordan Myerowitz, 10 AM, noon and 1 PM, 180 Hitchner Hall.
  • Critter Clues: Studying Marine Animals, led by graduate student Skylar Bayer, 11 AM, noon and 1 PM, 201 Shibles Hall.
  • Colorful, Cold Chemistry, led by professor Alice Bruce, 10 AM and 11 AM , 227 and 228 Aubert Hall.
  • Tidal Energy, led by graduate student Colleen Swanger, noon and 1PM, Aquaculture Research Center.
  • Sustainability Solutions — Working Together, led by staff member Elizabeth England, noon and 1 PM, Mitchell Center, Smith Hall.

Teachers will have the opportunity to attend sessions as well including a Maine Girls Collaborative Project panel discussion about working with girls with disabilities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. During the afternoon they will attend a workshop to explore strategies for encouraging Native American girls to pursue STEM subjects in school.

Sounds like a great opportunity for all participants. If you attend, please share your experience with Bright Futures blog readers!

MLTI 9th Annual Student Conference

May 9, 2012

Bringing students together for a wonderful opportunity!

The MLTI conference agenda looks like an event not to be missed. Block 1 session starts with students telling their stories….

  • Taking Care of Business
    Presenter: Tim Walsh, Freshman at Kennebunk High School
    Tim will share how he leveraged his access to his MLTI MacBook to become a design professional along with a team at Middle School of the Kennebunks. And Tim will make clear – his accomplishments to date are “only a beginning…” (read more by clicking here)
  • “You kind of have to want to…”
    Presenters: Emily & Katie Morse, Juniors at Machias High School
    Emily and Katie are studying Japanese to meet their world language graduation requirement at Machias High, and they are doing it online through Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City, Utah via their MLTI MacBooks. They’re proving MLTI students have the opportunity to learn what they want to learn – when and how they want to learn it. (Read more by clicking here.)

This is just the way the day starts on May 24th on the UMaine, Orono campus.

Block 3 Über-session will be my favorite part of the day, I just know. This is taken from the MLTI website:

This year’s student conference will feature over 1,000 students playing an original composition on the MLTI devices. Using GarageBand (recording software included on the image), students will come to the session having already created their own sampled keyboard – one that they will play as a group along with 1000 other musicians!
The samples created will include an octave of pitched musical notes and five localized sound effects that will be incorporated in the piece. MLTI staff will capture the culminating performance and release audio and video to the public shortly after the performance.
Now let’s be honest – if you’re a musician, you probably understand all this…
But… If you are not a musician – don’t worry – there will be plenty of help available to make sure everyone can arrive at the event ready to go. Read below for more information on how to get prepped to be part of this exciting event, as over 1,000 Maine people join together to make music!
Oh, one more thing – there will be some great professional and amateur Maine musicians involved – but we can’t release details just now as they are still being worked out!

You can read more, see the schedule, and register for the conference at I understand there are still some spaces left!


Opportunity for Summer Courses

May 26, 2011

Please register for this class by June 1st…
or notify Ed Brazee at if interested.

University of Maine
EDC 524—Curriculum and Organization of the Middle School & JHS 

A thorough exploration of the educational program for young adolescents, including growth and development issues, curriculum planning processes, curriculum development in various subject areas and across subjects, technology integration, and organizational issues. Online computer use required. Computers are available at centers statewide and at sites by appointment. This course uses the academic platform Moodle. Students should have access to SKYPE (an open source program) and the capability to connect via Skype audio with instructor and other students. (A web cam is not required although it would be useful.) CR 3. Edward N. Brazee

EDC 524 (Section 0990)—Curriculum and Organization of the Middle School/Junior High School


DESCRIPTION: This course provides students with an understanding of
• the history, development, and future direction of successful middle level education
• the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual characteristics & needs of  young adolescents
• effective curriculum, instruction, & assessment for young adolescents, and
• structures that best support students’ needs, curriculum, and instruction.

This is a practical course for anyone currently teaching at the middle level; appropriate too for teams of teachers from a school who would like to learn more about middle level education, and; high school teachers who want to learn more about the transition between middle and high schools. Course projects will allow students to focus on their classrooms and schools.

Special note: Since this is an online course, we will use various Web 2.0 tools to access information, collaborate, and consider topics under study. In addition to Moodle, we will also use Skype, blogs, VoiceThread, podcasting, wikis, and more. This is an excellent chance to pursue answers to vexing questions about middle level education, review current research and best practices, and learn how this applies to your classroom and school,
while using the technology tools you use with your students.

DATES: June 20 – July 15, 2011

REQUIREMENTS: This course uses the academic platform Moodle; students should have access to Skype and the capability to connect via Skype audio with instructor and other students. (A web cam is not required although it would be useful.)

If you are already in a program, check with your advisor and sign up on MaineStreet.
If you are not in a program, you can still take a class.  Information and form available:

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