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Community Service at Mountain Valley Middle School

June 6, 2013

What are 130 eighth-graders doing in the communities of Byron, Rumford, Mexico, Roxbury and Andover? This is the third year that the Mountain Valley Middle School students fan out into the community to lend a hand by painting signs and picnic tables, raking, planting flowers, and a variety of other projects. You can read the article in today’s newspaper, River Valley Sun Journal written by Matthew Daigle by clicking here.

Many middle schools across the state alter the schedule and create opportunities for students in their communities. Please tell us about your activities by clicking on ‘Leave a Comment’ at the bottom of this post!


In Today’s News

June 21, 2011

Mountain Valley Middle School in Mexico

In today’s Sun Journal,  an article entitled, June 21st, Valley Voices: ‘We had a blast!’ written by Linda Farr Macgregor describes the two-week experiential program that the Mountain Valley Middle School students participated in. Three hundred and twenty five people took part in River Valley program that took students and their learning into the community. Here is a segment of the article:

It took five years to achieve the vision principal and teachers shared: Engaging students, including those who learn best through hands-on activities, in experiences outside the school building.

They hiked Tumbledown and White Cap and the Ledge. They toured the Island in Rumford, did comparison shopping for pizza and walked Route 2 from the bowling alley to the top of Falls Hill.

Seventh-graders created a River Valley travel brochure. Eighth-graders collected insects and geocached them all over the place, applying math and mapping skills in the process. Geocaching uses GPS coordinates to find someone else’s cache, such as souvenirs, lucky rocks, insects and other items.

The sixth-graders visited Rumford Center Cemetery to study the legends on very old headstones and did rubbings. Back in their classrooms, they created their own gravestones in cardboard.

You can read the entire article and learn more about the program by clicking here. I know that many of you provide learning opportunities at the end of the year that are different from the rest of the year. Please share your work by posting a comment below. Better yet, send a complete description and we’ll make it into a blog post.

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