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It’s TIME…To register and join us at MLEI 2012!

June 11, 2012

There’s still time for you to register and join middle level colleagues from across the state, New England, and beyond at the Middle level Institute being held July 30-August 2 at Bowdoin College. If you are working on developing new forms of teaching and learning for the 2012-13 school year MLEI is the perfect opportunity to collaborate intensively with other middle level educators. Imagine being able to engage in “what if”  and “how to” conversations with local and regional colleagues as well as nationally recognized experts Nancy Doda and Mark Springer! For more about MLEI and its faculty check out the links below.

Jill Spencer is a lifelong middle level educator, best selling author of books for AMLE, graduate instructor in curriculum, and a nationally recognized expert in literacy, middle level teaming, and school improvement. Learn more about Jill at and at

Nancy Doda has been an award winning classroom teacher and team leader, a tenured professor in the Graduate School of Education at National-Louis University’s Washington, DC campus; a Board member for the National Middle School Association; and a Charter member of the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform. She is an internationally recognized expert in all things middle level! You can learn more about Nancy at

Mark Springer is an internationally recognized middle level teacher, expert on project-based integrative curriculum, and bestselling author. His two books, Watershed and Soundings are considered the definitive resources for how to vision, plan, and implement democratic, student-centered classrooms. Mark has received AMLE’s Distinguished Educator Award for his work in the classroom. You can learn more about Mark at

Chris Toy has been a middle school principal here in Maine. He has been recognized by NELMS as an A+ Middle Level Administrator and received MAMLE’s Dr. Ed Brazee Award for lifetime service to middle level education. Chris wears a variety of hats these days including consulting with AppleProfessional Development around the world, teaching graduate courses at USM, Thomas College, and Antioch New ENgland Graduate School, and teaching cooking classes in several venues around midcoast and southern Maine. You can learn more at

So come join us! We know you have lots to offer, and we know you’ll come away with lots of ideas for next year. To register just click on this link


MLEI Registration Open–Prices Slashed!

February 27, 2012

The highly popular  Middle Level Education Institute (MLEI)

will be held at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine this summer, July 30 (late afternoon) to August 2!

picture of MLEI website

Visit MLEI’s website for all of the details:

Registration fees have been dropped dramatically!

$325 for commuters

$425 for residential participants

MLEI remains the only professional learning opportunity in Maine designed specifically to address the educational needs of Maine ‘s 10-15 year olds.

Commissioner Bowen on Transforming Schools and the Middle Level Education Institute

June 30, 2011

Commissioner Bowen on Transforming Schools and the Middle Level Education Institute

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This week Commissioner of Education, Steve Bowen, stated that Maine schools must transform themselves so as not to become irrelevant.

Earlier this spring he said, “I attended two MLEI sessions and found them to be a great opportunity to do what educators seldom have time to do, which is to reflect on our instructional practice and to really do the kind of thinking and planning we all need to do to be effective.”

There is still one week left to sign up for MLEI (August 1-4). Registrations close July 8. To register, call Mikaela at 207-859-1114. For more information, go to

What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up For MLEI 2011!

June 18, 2011

There’s still time to Register for MLEI, the Institute Designed Specifically to Address the Learning Needs of 10-15 Year Olds!

Achieving Student Improvement: Effective Middle Grades Now! is the focus of this summer’s annual Middle Level Education Institute (MLEI). It will be held from August 1-4 at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. Institute participants work on a project they design to address their school needs and delve deeply into the major learning issues in today’s middle grades. MLEI provides teams and individuals critical support from national and international experts in middle level education and technology integration. This Maine tradition attracts educators from Maine and across the globe. Recent national studies establish that student academic performance, habits, and attitudes formed in middle school are the greatest factors in determining students’ success in high school and beyond. MLEI is the only Institute in Maine that focuses exclusively on the learning needs of the young adolescent. Participants earn graduate credits or CEUs. The final day for registration is Thursday, June 30. To register, call Mikaela Ziobro at 207-859-1211 or email her at For more information, go to

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June Update for MLEI

June 2, 2011

Here is an update on MLEI 2011: Achieving Student Improvement: Effective Middle Grades Now!  

  The message is in a newsletter format and initially looks difficult to read.  But never fear, click on the image once and it goes into a type of  preview, click on it a second time and it enlarges so that it is very easy to read!

Join us at Thomas College for MLEI in August!

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Need High Quality Student Centered Learning? You Need MLEI!

May 18, 2011

Dear middle level colleagues,

Here’s a comment from Commissioner Bowen about his experience at MLEI. “In my time at the Middle School in Camden, I attended two MLEI sessions and found them to be a great opportunity to do what educators seldom have time to do, which is to reflect on our instructional practice and to really do the kind of thinking and planning we all need to do to be effective. It was always a great experience and one I hope to get back to one day!”

MLEI models engaged learning for all!

Registrations are now open for the Middle Level Education Institute. We are very excited about this year’s program as we have added several components to the already excellent offerings. In addition to the well established cutting edge middle level focus there will be top notch expertise relating to RTI (both academic and behaviorial), Standards Based Education (student centered, outcomes based, proficiency based learning), and safe schools (digital citizenship, bullying, and cyberbullying). And of course, these are in addition to any school or classroom based initiatives you would bring to the Institute.

Since the Institute will be held from August 1-4, we will be accepting registrations right up to the end of June. To register, contact Mikaela Ziobro at You can also call her at 859-1211. For online information go to If you have any questions about the program, putting a school team together, creating a plan, or arranging for graduate credits contact Jill Spencer ( or Chris Toy (

We believe MLEI can be a key to moving your school’s vision forward!


Jill Spencer
Chris Toy

Middle Level Education Institute

A Conversation With Commissioner Bowen: Leading from the Middle, Bright Futures, MLTI, and MLEI!

April 26, 2011

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule and sharing some of your thoughts with the Bright Futures readers Commissioner! So let’s get started. Here’s our first question.

CT-What did you see and hear on your listening tour that you think all Maine middle schools should pay attention to?

SB-What I’ve seen so far is that Middle Schools are really taking the lead on the kind of student-centered learning we want to see at all levels. At Massabesic Middle School, for instance, they have implemented a true outcome-based learning model that allows students to move ahead based on mastery of standards rather than seat time. Because of the student-centered focus that middle schools tend to have philosophically, I see them really taking the lead in moving us in this new direction.

CT-I’m sure middle level folks are pleased that you see how important it is to keep students in the center of everything we do in our schools. So on to our next question.

CT-Maine is the world leader in the implementation of 1:1 learning with technology. What do you see happening with MLTI in the next four years?

SB-The world of digital learning is moving so fast that it is hard to say where we’ll be in four years. It is pretty clear, though, that digital learning has become much more central to content delivery and instruction than it has been, and we will need to do a lot of thinking and planning to make sure we’re adapting to this new reality in a thoughtful way.

CT-Very true. We will need to change to keep up and stay ahead of the ball that, in many ways, Maine’s middle grades started rolling a decade ago!

CT-How do you see the department supporting middle level leaders as they implement the tenets and core recommendations of Bright Futures?

SB-Part of the work we propose to do around a comprehensive state strategic plan for education will be to answer that very question – What is the proper role for the state in supporting the work of Maine’s educators? The state has to deal with the same resource issues that local districts have to deal with, which means we’ll have to work to strike a balance between what we’d like to be able to do and what we have the resources to do. Finding that balance will take a lot of thinking and discussion and planning, and that is what we plan to do over the next few months.

CT-We wish you and the department well on that! It will be a challenge. I’m sure I speak for the Bright Futures Partnership and many other middle level folks in saying we are willing to help in any way we can. Just let us know!

CT-How can the department encourage and support effective Middle level teaching in Maine’s schools?

SB-On the listening tour, I’ve talked with educators about strengthening the Department’s role as a clearinghouse for best practices in curriculum development, instruction, assessment, etc. We need to build out the Department’s capacity to allow educators to share back and forth across districts those things that are working for them. Fostering better communication is a way that we can help teachers learn from each other, and I think that is a great role for the Department to play.

CT-For sure. Communication and building networks is so important. Thanks for focusing on ways the field and the department can share what’s working around the state.

CT-You have a daughter in middle school. As a parent of a middle school student what do you think is important about the education your daughter receives at this time in her life?

SB-The key piece for me is the exploratory nature of middle level education – the way that the middle level provides students with exposure to a rich curriculum that has academic rigor, but also fosters curiosity and maintains a focus on the complete child. This is a time for students to move from simply learning how to learn to really building a passion for learning. It is a very exciting time for them!

CT-Yes, the whole child, and a passion for learning in every Maine middle level student, no matter where they go to school!

CT-What message would you like to send to all of Maine’s middle level educators?

SB-Keep up the good work! I look forward to working with you as we undertake an effort to really transform our schools.

CT-We’ll continue to do our best, improve where we can, and change when we must!

CT-I understand that you are familiar with the Middle Level Institute being held from August 1-4 at Thomas College. Would you be willing to share your thoughts about MLEI for those considering attending this summer?

SB-In my time at the Middle School in Camden, I attended two MLEI sessions and found them to be a great opportunity to do what educators seldom have time to do, which is to reflect on our instructional practice and to really do the kind of thinking and planning we all need to do to be effective. It was always a great experience and one I hope to get back to one day!

CT-Yes, MLEI is all about middle level teachers taking time in the summer to be more effective with students in the fall and beyond. I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to visit MLEI in the near future! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for all you are doing and planning to do with Maine’s educators on behalf of Maine’s students Commissioner. We wish you well, keep in touch, and let us know how we can help!

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