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Literacy Tidbits

August 31, 2010

Language arts/literacy teachers are always looking materials, strategies, and opportunities to bring the written word alive for their students.  Even though I don’t have my own classroom anymore, I still continue to collect  URLs!

Second National Day of Writing, October 20, 2010

International Literacy Day

DRAPES: Interesting writing method that provides students with concrete ideas for revising.

D = Dialogue

R = Rhetorical Question

A = Analogy

P = Personal Experience

E = Examples

S = Statistics

Usually used with persuasive writing, this approach can be adapted to other types of writing.  DRAPES is an easy acronym for students to remember and gives them some direction for revising their writing to make it more interesting for their readers.

Here are some websites that explain the method more fully:

Website for publishing student writing:

Webinar (archived): incorporating technology resources in the writing process:

  • Hosted by Barbara Greenstone
  • Includes guests from across Maine
  • Many resources and strategies discussed and shared

Local Conferences:

  • “Graduation Paths in the Middle”  Maine Association for Middle Level Education October 21 & 22 at Sugarloaf:
  • “Learning As We Go: Literacy and Technology for the 21st Century” Maine Council for English Language Arts
    Lookout Point, Northport   Friday, March 25, 2011:

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