Maine Scholar Leader Nominations Due This Week!


What: Maine Scholar Leader Dinner

When: Thursday May 16, 2013 5:30 – 7:30

Where: Augusta Civic Center

This is Maine Middle Level Education!

This is Maine Middle Level Education!

This is the perfect opportunity for schools, students, and their families from across the state to gather and celebrate what’s great about middle level education in Maine.

Here are 14 key reasons schools have given for participating in the Scholar Leader program:

  1. positive recognition for students as role models
  2. promotes scholarship and leadership for students
  3. recognition and appreciation of families
  4. recognition of and appreciation middle level educators
  5. the only statewide recognition open to all middle schools
  6. recognizes students beyond the school community
  7. brings recognition to our school
  8. students, parents, school officials and administration all sit together for a great evening of fun and recognition
  9. it reflects well on all middle school students, not just the two that are recognized
  10. it supports our school goals
  11. promotes dignity and respect for all
  12. a way to show pride in our students
  13. lets student scholar leaders see they have peers across the state
  14. it helps support the mission of MAMLE and NELMS organizations




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