A Well Deserved Recognition!


In 2000 the Ed Brazee Friend of Middle Level Education Award was established by the MAMLE Board of Directors to recognize those who have made significant contributions to middle level education throughout their careers. The Brazee Award has been presented only four times previously since its inception. The fifth time was this past Friday at MAMLE’s annual conference.

The fifth awardee has served middle level education for over three decades in a number of capacities. In addition to a long and very successful career as an educator at Mt. Ararat Middle School, this exemplary professional  has contributed through her involvement as a board member and President of MAMLE. She has also been on the faculty, and then director of the Middle Level Institute which for over 25 years has been the premier summer program for middle level educators. She has also been a graduate instructor for middle level curriculum and instruction, an instructional coach in middle school classrooms across Maine and beyond. Her workshops model the kind hands-on, engaging instruction we want in classrooms. This dedicated educator has emerged as a prolific, best selling author of several books including Everyone’s Invited and Teaming Rocks for AMLE. Her involvement in MAMLE, NELMS, AMLE, and MICDL has impacted middle level education in Maine, New England, the US, and Europe.

Please join the MAMLE Board of Directors in congratulating Jill Spencer, the fifth recipient of the Ed Brazee Friend of Middle Level Education Award!


One Response to “A Well Deserved Recognition!”

  1. Ed Brazee Says:

    Jill, huge congratulations for this well-deserved honor. You have been a mainstay and leader of middle level education for such a long time in Maine, nationally, and internationally. And we couldn’t be prouder of you and the outstanding work you continue to do. You are one of the primary reasons why “As Maine Goes, So Goes Middle Level Education” if you don’t mind my paraphrase. Your clear thinking, good humor, positive leadership, and ongoing advocacy have changed Maine schools (and many across the country) in so many ways beyond measure. We are very proud of you and eternally grateful for your leadership.

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