A Handful of Leadership Sessions at this Week’s MAMLE Conference


Hopefully we'll see you at Sugarloaf this week for the annual MAMLE conference. (And it's not too late to register if you're thinking you'd like to go!)

If you aren't sure which sessions you'd like to attend, I'll invite you to the three Leadership sessions Mary Callan and I will be leading:

Tools and Strategies for Leading Change (Thurs 2:00-3:00 – Kennebec, Hotel)
Leaders are faced with expectations to lead complex change in their schools, change that may seem daunting despite the fact that you “Leadership is everything!” What are the specific things that leadership needs to insure happens, what are the key components to address, and what are the effective strategies to get you there? This session will offer a variety of practical strategies, models, and tools that you can use to lead change effectively in your school.

Making Change Manageable: Leadership Teams! (Thurs 3:15-4:15 – Kennebec, Hotel)
How can principals manage all of the expectations of them as instructional leaders during these times of rapid and complex change? By establishing school leadership teams! This session will provide strategies and ideas on how to leverage the power of multiple perspectives, insure a stronger design to yor initiatives, and distribute the effort to ease your load.

Connecting the Dots: Common Core, Customized Learning, and More (Fri 8:00-845 – Spruce, Base Lodge)
How do school leaders make sense of the never-ending change initiatives they are faced with? This session provides ways for you to connect the dots between various change efforts so that you can lead your school in the direction that you know makes sense for students and learning.

Hope to see you there!



2 Responses to “A Handful of Leadership Sessions at this Week’s MAMLE Conference”

  1. Chris Toy Says:

    Yes! There’s still time to join us for Maine’s best PD for middle level educators. Please “Like” , “Share”, and “Tweet”!

  2. Jill Spencer Says:

    I am really excited about this program! Pantasics from Medomak Middle School will start our feet stomping and we won’t stop until Friday afternoon. See the entire program: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aDfQv4XiHQRtsUlbaMiLqbTuyQde2Knp2ICdHtU33tQ/edit

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