Students at the Center–Sugarloaf–Oct. 25 & 26


Students at the Center

MAMLE Annual Conference


October 25 & 26

Music by the Medomak Middle School Pantastics!

What Does Learner-Center Instruction Look Like?

Innovative educators who are experts at creating student-centered classrooms will be sharing their classroom-tested strategies and activities during Best Practice Sessions.  Session descriptions can be found at:

What is Proficiency-Based and/or Customized Learning All About?

Bill Zima, principal of Mt. Ararat Middle School, will be leading an interactive panel discussion focused on Customized Learning on both Thursday and Friday.  He is also the featured keynote speaker on Friday.  His topic: Yeah, We Got That! Why The New Reforms in Education Are Middle Level Minded

Sherry Levesque from Gray-New Gloucester will be presenting on her school’s transition to proficiency-based learning on Friday.

What is a Sane Way to Approach the Complexities of Leadership in 2012?

Jeff Rodman, principal of the Middle School of the Kennebunks, will lead an interactive panel on both days.  Panel members include international workshop leader, Chris Toy and NASSP’s Associate Director for Middle Level Services, Patti Kinney.

Specific Best Practice Sessions include:

  • Tools and Strategies for Leading Change
  • Making Change Manageable: Leadership Team
  • Connecting the Dots: Common Core, Customized Learning and More
  • Customized Learning–Transforming Our Schools and Classrooms to Meet Needs of Our Students
  • School Change
  • iPads, Conversations, and Observations

GREAT DEAL for Administrators!  

Register 4 staff members and your registration is complimentary!

Allied Arts–Where Do We Fit In a Standards-Based World?

Specific best-practice sessions and an interactive panel on both days take on this critical issue! Creativity, Art, Health, Music, and Technology Integration weave their way through the program.

What About Our Students at Risk–What Strategies Have Been Successful Around the State?

One of our most highly rated interactive panels last year was the one focusing on supporting students at risk.  The panelists will be back to continue the conversation.

Best Deal in Town!

The 2 day MAMLE Conference costs about the same as many one day events. $175

Plus, when a team comes and stays in a condo the professional conversations and problem solving continue late into the night.

Where Do We Find More Information About This Fantastic Opportunity?

Registration materials at

Email Dr. Wally Alexander, MAMLE Executive Director:

Ask Your Administrator If Your School Is A MAMLE Member. 

If so…ask them to please forward all MAMLE communications (e.g. newsletter went out recently).  If not, ask why not?

See You On The Mountain!


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