Inquiring Minds Want to Know…Have you Read These Three Key Documents?


How about a monthly poll of Bright Futures readers? While we’re at it let’s share some online resources, three key documents and a free online quiz/polling tool,

To what degree are  brightfutures4me readers familiar with these three key documents relating to our work with young adolescents?

Here’s how to access the poll. It’s short, only four quick questions.

Start by going to You can access this online tool on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The room number is “chris”

Respond to the questions as they appear.

The poll will be open for the next 2 weeks and then we’ll share the results on the Bright Futures blog.

Here’s the links to these three key documents.

The most recent edition of AMLE’s “This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents” was published in 2010. Research and cumulative, empirical evidence have confirmed that implementing the practices described in This We Believe leads to higher levels of student achievement. For more information about this key document visit AMLE’s website.

Another important document released in 2012 is “Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First”. It sets out objectives and action steps for building an education system in Maine that meets the needs of all learners. At its core is something middle level educators have always advocated, developmentally appropriate, student centered teaching and learning! There’s a lot in Education Evolving that reflects what is best for our students. For more information and a PDF of the Key Document visit the MDOE website.

And of course, we can’t forget Maine’s own Bright Futures! The Commission on Middle Level Education, under the leadership of Mary Callan and Ed Brazee, created the report on the current state of middle level education. IT contains recommendations to the Maine Department of Education about what’s best for educating all of Maine’s 10 to 15 year olds. To download a PDF of the 2009 report and a descriptive poster visit the MDOE website.


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