Who Are These Middle School Kids & What Makes Them Tick?


For many of us, school has started! That may mean that you have a new crop of students, and therefore, parents. Does that also mean you're getting ready for an open house so you can start to get to know your parents, and they you?

Have you considered also using that time to help them get to know their own children?

After all, their students are probably starting to change and act in unfamiliar ways…

One of my great joys this year is that I get to work with our middle school more than I have in the past. Yesterday, a member of the Open House Committee let me know that they were planning to do an activity to help parents understand the developmental characteristics of young adolescents, and wondered if I could point them in the direction of resources.

If you are thinking of doing the same, you might consider using any of the following resources:


So come back here and let us know:

Which resources did you use?
What activity did you use?
How'd it go?


And have a wonderful new school year!


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