Leading the Leadership Challenge for Bright Futures in Maine!


As noted in earlier entries in this blog, the Bright Futures Partnership hosted an event at the end of June that was intended to explore….

How do we inspire, develop, support, and connect

 a new generation of middle level leaders committed

to the needs of the young adolescent learner?

The feedback from participants led the Bright Futures Partnership to realize that our immediate focus should be on two things:

  1. Identify, recruit, and nurture the next level of middle level leaders; and
  2. Advocate and nurture the implementation of Bright Future principles at schools.

Here are some immediate next steps we plan to take to meet this challenge!

  • Focus on connecting middle level leaders in the regions so that they can learn from each other about what schools are doing to promote and support best practices as described in the Bright Futures report.
  • Partner with MAMLE to co-sponsor and facilitate regional events that provide information about best practices at the middle level and showcase schools that are implementing those practices.
  • Re-convene some of the the emerging leaders that attended the Cafe to focus on a few key questions about what they need to keep them engaged in moving forward as middle level leaders in Maine.
  • Explore middle level certification and determine what some of the barriers are for that to happen in Maine.

You will see a strong emphasis on these two goals at the fall MAMLE conference.  For example, I plan to offer a session that will provide participants with a tool kit of strategies to use with staff to help them understand best practices in middle level, how they can assess their school in relation to the practices, and how these practices connect with other initiatives they have underway in their schools. There will be a panel that also addresses middle level leadership issues and other sessions focused on how to best “identify, recruit, and nurture the next level of middle level leaders” in Maine.

Watch this Blog for more information regarding our ongoing efforts to build leadership for middle level in Maine!


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