Summer – Learning While Rejuvenating!


Child ReadingI don’t know if you’re like me or not, but one of my favorite things about summer is reading, because I get to choose what I want to read and when I want to read it (some things haven’t changed since I was 13, I guess).  What’s interesting to me is that during the past few summers, I’ve noticed my choice of reading material has changed.  Though a sappy romance novel may be intertwined with other material, my recent choices have been pieces that make me consider my stance on education and understanding of the students I teach.  Perhaps one may consider that I’ve grown up, though we probably shouldn’t get carried away!  🙂  Instead, I like to view it as a true opportunity to reflect and look forward at the same time.

Sometimes, I need structure to truly get the best out of what I’m reading, and I definitely need collaboration, which provides me the chance to talk through parts that question my own pedagogy.  So, what will be my reading material for the summer, you ask?  Well, I’m sure I’m going to immerse myself in Common Core “stuff”…I know that I need a strong handle on it before I can expect that of my students.  I’m also hoping to attend the NELMS Summer Institute in Portsmouth, NH, since leaders in Middle Level education will be there (Chris Toy and Jill Spencer, to name a couple) and the whole focus is on Common Core Standards.  Of course the getaway will be great too, since black fly season in Northern Maine will be going strong by then…maybe I could get enough of them to fly me to Portsmouth!  Many other summer professional development opportunities exist, so find what suits your fancy!

Anyway, I’m curious what others will be immersing themselves in this summer.  So, what’s on your professional development agenda?


2 Responses to “Summer – Learning While Rejuvenating!”

  1. Mary Callan Says:

    Thanks for this post, Julie! Personally, I have made a commitment to becoming more familiar with what is happening with charter schools that focus on middle level… how are they structured? what are they hoping to achieve? are they “working”?….

  2. Julie Gardner Says:

    Thanks Mary! I hope to learn from you as you work through this, because I too have a lot to learn about them. 🙂

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