The Middle Level Education Institute (MLEI)


My congratulations go out to Mike Muir on his recent election as President-Elect of the Association for Middle Level Education (formally NMSA)!  I’ve been thinking back to when I first met Mike, and it was probably at a MAMLE Conference.  But I really got to know him at the Middle Level Education Institute where he was a presenter and then a consultant. As a participant I can remember thinking how impressed I was with his knowledge and his abilities as a public speaker for being such a young man. He spoke (and still does) with a passion for doing right by our students!  I know he will be a thoughtful and action-oriented leader for AMLE!  So once again, congratulations Mike!

I think Mike would agree with me that the Middle Level Education Institute (MLEI) can have a profound influence on one’s professional life. Teachers have rethought how they will structure their curriculum and instruction, and entire schools have reconfigured their programming to be more responsive to student needs.  At least four Maine middle level educators who were consultants at MLEI have gone on to work nationally as educational consultants, thanks in no small part to Ed Brazee’s mentoring and support (Thank you Ed!).

So who  from Maine will follow in Mike’s footsteps at AMLE?

Mike is following a precedent set by  Kathy McAvoy who was the first person from Maine to lead NMSA (AMLE).  We need to continue to develop enthusiastic middle level leaders in and out of the classroom, and MLEI is just the place stretch your horizons!

This summer MLEI is convening at Bowdoin College in Brunswick (July 30-August 2).  Registration fees have been dramatically reduced.   Visit our website at for all of the details and to register online.

Website for MLEI


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