MLTI 9th Annual Student Conference


Bringing students together for a wonderful opportunity!

The MLTI conference agenda looks like an event not to be missed. Block 1 session starts with students telling their stories….

  • Taking Care of Business
    Presenter: Tim Walsh, Freshman at Kennebunk High School
    Tim will share how he leveraged his access to his MLTI MacBook to become a design professional along with a team at Middle School of the Kennebunks. And Tim will make clear – his accomplishments to date are “only a beginning…” (read more by clicking here)
  • “You kind of have to want to…”
    Presenters: Emily & Katie Morse, Juniors at Machias High School
    Emily and Katie are studying Japanese to meet their world language graduation requirement at Machias High, and they are doing it online through Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City, Utah via their MLTI MacBooks. They’re proving MLTI students have the opportunity to learn what they want to learn – when and how they want to learn it. (Read more by clicking here.)

This is just the way the day starts on May 24th on the UMaine, Orono campus.

Block 3 Über-session will be my favorite part of the day, I just know. This is taken from the MLTI website:

This year’s student conference will feature over 1,000 students playing an original composition on the MLTI devices. Using GarageBand (recording software included on the image), students will come to the session having already created their own sampled keyboard – one that they will play as a group along with 1000 other musicians!
The samples created will include an octave of pitched musical notes and five localized sound effects that will be incorporated in the piece. MLTI staff will capture the culminating performance and release audio and video to the public shortly after the performance.
Now let’s be honest – if you’re a musician, you probably understand all this…
But… If you are not a musician – don’t worry – there will be plenty of help available to make sure everyone can arrive at the event ready to go. Read below for more information on how to get prepped to be part of this exciting event, as over 1,000 Maine people join together to make music!
Oh, one more thing – there will be some great professional and amateur Maine musicians involved – but we can’t release details just now as they are still being worked out!

You can read more, see the schedule, and register for the conference at I understand there are still some spaces left!



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2 Responses to “MLTI 9th Annual Student Conference”

  1. momnancy Says:

    Although Orono is midstate (thanks for that!), the current cost of traveling there from Aroostook County (and probably other areas of the state) is simply too much for some schools. Maybe a virtual conference could be set up in the future.

    • Argy Nestor Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Bright Futures Partners will certainly pass on your comment and suggestion to the folks at MLTI.

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