Speaking of Oxymorons…Mass Customization: Join the Conversation!


In Bea McGarvey’s and Chuck Schwahn’s new book, Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning, the authors observe that almost everywhere in today’s marketplace, providers are using technology to better match the needs and preferences of consumers on a vast scale never seen before. Everywhere that is, except in education…so far. However, more and more educators in Maine are beginning to engage in conversations about Mass Customization and what it might mean for schools, teachers, and students. In December this conversation started off with the first in a series of monthly webinars about MCL. Author Bea McGarvey and DOE Superintendent of Instruction Don Siviski talked about Mass Customized Learning and its implications for Standards Based Education here in Maine. There was even a surprise visit from Commissioner Bowen! This month, on Tuesday January 24th, the conversation continues with the second webinar focusing on Chapters 2 and 3 of the book and looking more closely at some of the questions raised by participants in the first webinar. Come join Bea, Don, Principal Bill Zima, and me as we continue the conversation. Just click here to register!


2 Responses to “Speaking of Oxymorons…Mass Customization: Join the Conversation!”

  1. NancyEH Says:

    “it’s implications” should be “its implications” – no apostrophe. “It’s” is a contraction for “it is” and does not work here.

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