The “WHY” of Our Work


The “WHY” of the work in our schools

Here is a great idea for starting off your staff or team meetings in the New Year.  It came from my daughter, who directs a health care facility.

Start your meetings with a brief period of time for people to share quick stories, pictures, names, or artifacts that have been recent reminders of why their work is so important.  It’s sometimes hard amidst the noise and clutter of our busy days to remember the most important reason why we do what we do.

Let me share one of my reasons.  His name is Harry.  He is almost 5.  He goes to the quite wonderful preschool program at the Mt. Vernon Elem. School.  I fervently hope and pray that the excitement of learning and the pride of accomplishment we see reflected in his eyes, never fades.  He reminds me every day of why the work that I and that we all do is so critically important.


Happiest of New Years to you all!


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