Tweeting Here in Maine


Yesterday I posted about a teacher in Kentucky who is using Twitter with her students for the purpose of review and introducing new vocabulary.  Today I received an email from Jim Moulton with a link to a great use of Twitter here in Maine.

The Auburn School Department hosted a national conference in November on iPads in the elementary grades. Middle students from Auburn Middle School attended as reporters.  They tweeted important ideas as they listened to the various speakers.  What a marvelous ways to engage students and get them thinking about what they are hearing!  As the article reports,

“Donny Peterson said covering the conference will help him in the class. It sharpened his listening skills.

“After this experience of paying attention, I can listen better,” Peterson said.”

I urge everyone to take time to read this article and then think about ways to adapt this strategy for use in your school:


2 Responses to “Tweeting Here in Maine”

  1. KIDS Consortium Says:

    Talk about 21st Century Skills! Wonderful application of cutting edge technology skills with old fashion skills of listening, synthesizing, and evaluating…the list goes on.

  2. Jill Spencer Says:

    Well said! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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