Quick! Opportunity to Recognize Student Community Service


Hello middle school colleagues!  Our good friend at NASSP, Patti Kinney, just informed us about a great chance to recognize and support good things happening in our schools through the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. I’m sure there are students at your school who are involved in community service projects and activities who reflect what is right about middle level education in Maine and who deserve to be recognized for volunteering in their communities.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards is the United States’ largest youth recognition program based exclusively on volunteer community service.

Created in 1995 by Prudential Financial in partnership with NASSP, the program has honored more than 90,000 young volunteers at the local, state, and national level.

Currently there are NO applications for the middle level Prudential Spirit of Community Award from Maine…so there’s a really good chance of someone winning if they get an application turned in…the deadline has been extended to Nov 30.  Any middle level student who has headed up a community service project is eligible – here’s a link to the details –


So…if you know of any student that should apply, please let them know ASAP…and get the word out to other middle level folks as well!

Thanks…hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


One Response to “Quick! Opportunity to Recognize Student Community Service”

  1. KIDS Consortium Says:

    The more recognition for good work the better! Everyday Young Heros (www.ysa.org/awards/hero) is an opportunity from Youth Service America to recognize youth (5 to 25) contributions. Nominations may come from a parent, teacher or other adult mentor.

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