80 Million Children


Peter Benson on TEDx – Sparks: How Youth Thrive

There are 80 million children in the United States. Peter Benson, in this TEDx, talks about what we know about human development and what we hope for our kids. He asks many questions that will most likely provoke thinking and questions about what we do in education.

He asks students these questions: what is your spark? What gives you joy and energy? What gives you hope? Benson and his research center, Search Institute, have done studies during the last 10 with middle and high school kids around the country. He and his researchers have identified 220 “sparks”. The largest category that Benson found most kids say where their sparks fall is creative life. This is where most kids say “I’m my best self”.

This TEDx is an absolute must to watch, think about, share and discuss with your colleagues….


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