Try Popplet!


Creating a web helps many students organize their ideas for a piece of writing, a presentation, or research project.  Inspiration® is wonderful software that allows students to use text and images in their web, and with a touch of the finger convert the web into a traditional outline.  But it costs money.

Then there is It is a web-based application.  Students can create a web, take a screen shot, and add it to presentations and documents.

I’ve just found out about another web-based tool that can be used on a computer or iPad–Popplet!  It has some really cool features that would be helpful both for teams planning a unit and collaborative student work groups:

  • Able to color code bubbles
  • Can add text, images & video
  • Allows access to multiple participants (they do need email access)

Below is a model Popplet I’ve created. It represents the initial thinking of an 8th grade team planning a new Maine Studies Unit.

Teachers can add ideas 24/7 thus saving valuable Common Planning Time for fine-tuning the unit.

If this was a student group, they could access this site from school and from home. When a group member was absent s/he could contribute from a remote location and remain active in the process.  The color coding feature helps students organize their ideas and information. Being able to keep pertinent images and video in one place would lessen the probability that they would be scattered across various lockers, notebooks, and folders–a great help to young adolescents who are often organizationally challenged.

This app seems like a really useful tool for both teachers and students!


One Response to “Try Popplet!”

  1. Judy Enright Says:

    What a great app!
    You could plan just about anything with this…
    Thanks for sharing it.

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