Every Child, Every Day!


Middle Level Philosophy has always emphasized that compelling curriculum, inspired instruction and assessment, and programs that support the healthy emotional and physical development of young adolescents must be accessible to every child, every day! For over twenty five years, the Maine Association for Middle Level Education has advocated for this approach in Maine’s schools. One of the major vehicles of this advocacy has been the high energy Annual Conference.

This year’s Annual Conference at Sugarloaf is just three weeks away (October 20-21).  It is a unique opportunity for educators of 10-15 year olds to explore innovative solutions to many of the current complex issues facing the middle grades.  Below is a preview of some of the powerful sessions being offered this year!

  • RtI—How is it successfully being integrated around the state into a typical middle grades schedule?
  1. RtI and the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics
  2. Strategies for Reading Digital Text
  3. Let ASSISTMENTS Assist You! 
  4. Providing the Challenged Writers the Tools To Succeed
  5. Interactive Panel Discussions–Reading and Mathematics
  • Student engagement and achievement—What programs, approaches, and units have other Maine educators found to be effective?
  1. Edible Science
  2. A Walk-Through History
  3. Differentiate Mathematical Instruction and Create Dramatic Learning Outcomes
  4. Experience, Expand, Empower
  5. Local Environment Quest
  6. Professionally Publish Your Students’ Writing with MagCloud
  • Student behavior and motivation—Are there really schools who are successful at helping young adolescents develop attitudes and behaviors that will help them become better students and citizens?
  1. RTI Behavior–One Middle School’s Approach
  2. School-Wide Approach to Discipline w/Restorative Practices 
  3. The Best Behavioral Program: Meaningful, Engaged Learning
  4. Interactive Panel Discussion
  • Performance/Proficiency/Standards Based learning and assessment—How is performance/proficiency-based learning different than what I already do? What does it mean for my students? For me? Does this approach really work?
  1. Standards-Based Assessment–It’s about the Learning
  2. Managing Performance-Based Projects
  3.  Formative Assessment for Performance-based Education
  4. Interactive Panel Discussion
  • Service learning and advisory—How do others find time to incorporate these important programs into a day already crammed with classes, interventions, and meetings?
  1. Service Learning: So You Can’t Give Blood Yet, How Can You Help? 
  2. Successful and Fun Advisor/Advisee at the Middle School 
  3. Service Learning Through Music: Students Tell Their Story
  • Leadership in difficult times—There’s so much to do–how do we help others step up to the plate and help “lead” the way?
  1. What Does it Mean to Lead During Turbulent Times of Change?  
  2. Leadership for Change
  3. Can We Talk? Dilemmas in Leadership 
  •  Multi-faceted technology integration—What’s out there besides word processing, internet searching. and iMovies?
  1. Quick Response Codes and Student Created Videos Engage Students and Provide Communities with Rich Resources 
  2. Sketch-Up–Working in 3-Dimensions
  3. Integrating Language Arts, Visual Arts and Technology to Enhance Learning
  4. Creating Games with Scratch
  5. Integrating Reading, Science, and Technology
  6. Interactive Panel Discussion

The program has two parts: Interactive Panel Discussions and Best Practice Concurrent Sessions.  Commissioner Bowen, a former middle school teacher, will be joining us on Friday.

The entire program and registration materials are online at http://www.mamleonline.org/. Call or email Wally Alexander for more information: Phone: (207) 859-1362    email: wallace_alexander@umit.maine.edu


One Response to “Every Child, Every Day!”

  1. Chris Toy Says:

    This is a great conference! Be sure to join us. Check the agenda out and pass this on to your networks.

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