Paradigm Shift


I know I’ve sensed the ground shifting beneath me before in education but not like what I am sensing at this time. Recently all staff at the Maine Department of Education read Inevitable by Bea McGarvey and Chuck Schwahn. The books were purchased by the Maine Coalition for  Excellence in Education. Bea faciliated a half-day session with staff on the book. We passed our books on to every superintendent throughout the state. During the next two months Don Siviski will meet with each superintendent group to discuss the book. The superintendents will pass their books on to a school board member or another administrator in their school district. Just that alone is unique at this level . . . A simple process to that makes a statement. To me the straight forward message: “this is important”.

So what is important about the book? It outlines mass customized learning which is about transformation change. This isn’t about the industrial age of education (mass producing). It is about the information age (mass customizing learning). What is required to make this happen? A huge paradigm shift, not just by schools but by everyone in and out of schools. A tall order, but as Bea says “it’s inevitable”!

A new Sir Kenneth Robinson video link was sent to me recently. I wonder if Bea and Ken have ever met?! If not, they should. He makes so much sense to me. Take 11 min. and 41 seconds and take a look and let us know what you think.


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3 Responses to “Paradigm Shift”

  1. judyenrighteducator Says:

    This is a great post, Argy. The video is excellent and the info you have shared is important. Stephen Bowen and Don Siviski ARE about changing paradigms big time in Maine education. Personally and professionally, I like what I am hearing. Just picked up “Inevitable” on Amazon.

    • Argy Nestor Says:

      Imagine Judy, if people (students, educators, community members) statewide read Inevitable JUST to get the conversation moving?!

  2. Christina deGroff Says:

    It’s all soooooo exciting to be part of this paradigm shift! I can’t wait to delve into Inevidable. I’m buying it next week in Boston. I’m attending a conference called “Building Engaged Schools” put by Robert Marzano and his group. More fuel for the paradigm shift. Stay tuned for my blog post on the conference.

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