Is it Time for a Team Tune-up?


OK…  I LOVE teams!

I love to work with teams, observe teams, learn from and with teams, and I love to BE on teams.  I LEARN from both functional and dysfunctional teams, but, of course, I like to LIVE on high performance teams.

High performance teams take work.  The fall is a good time to do a team check-up.  It can put you on the right track for the rest of the year.  If you take the time to gather some baseline data early on in the year, you can compare your team’s level of functioning (and hopefully growth) at least yearly.

Here is a site with quick tools to help you determine your team’s effectiveness. There are many resources here for leadership and team development.

If you would like a copy of my favorite “Team Yardstick” tool, contact me at judye29@aol and I will email you a copy.

One thing is certain, there are almost always surprises with the results gathered from any team evaluation tool.  All data is good data!


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One Response to “Is it Time for a Team Tune-up?”

  1. Christina deGroff Says:

    Excellent website resource! Every leader should have it bookmarked. Thanks.

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