Opportunities for Teachers and Students


If you are a middle school teacher in Androscoggin County there is an opportunity to receive a $500 grant to develop lesson plans for the 1000 Words Project, an an exploration of art and writing!   In Maine one of the sponsors of the project is Bates College.  Their site has lesson plans created by local teachers. Teachers who apply must agree to participate in the program. For more information call Anthony Shostak at 207-786-8302.

The Bates College Museum of Art will also be offering free workshops for teachers interested in integrating the Project into their curriculum. Workshops will be held:

  • 6-8 PM on September 7, 8,  14, and October 12.
  • 4-6 PM on September 8, 15, and October 13.

Call 786-8212 to register.

The Museum’s  webpages have resources even if one is not participating in a workshop.

The Maine Maritime Museum is offering middle school students a wonderful opportunity in an after school program to explore the arts through wood. Students will work with wood artists and model makers as well as learn about boat building. Kurt Spiridakis is the contact at 443-1316 ext 334.

The Museum has a variety of programs for students as well as resources teachers might incorporate into their lessons.


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