ICivics, inspired by the leadership of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, is a web-based education project designed to reinvigorate civic teaching and learning through free lesson plans, web quests, discussion forums and games. This program is designed primarily for Middle School students, but would work well with 9th grade civics students.

ICivics is:

NEEDED: Only 15% of citizens can name the Chief Justice of the United States whereas 66% can name a judge on American Idol. Only 36% can name the three branches of government.

FREE: to students and teachers.

CREDIBLE: Developed under the auspices of Sandra Day ‘Connor with Georgetown Law School and the Arizona State University.

ACCESSIBLE: just sign in to icivics.org.

TEACHER FRIENDLY: Uses game technology and lesson plans.

KID FRIENDLY: Captures  the attention of game using teenagers.

CURRENT: Meets the state standards.

FLEXIBLE: Can be used as one lesson at a time, or a semester course.

COMPLETE:   The Constitution, Separation of Powers, Citizenship and Civic Engagement, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and Persuasive Writing are complete with games and lesson plans. By the end of the year, additional units will include The Road to the U.S. Constitution, State and Local Governments, Individual and Civil Rights, Politics and Public policy, the Road to Government and the Market, and Reading and Writing Modules

EFFECTIVE:  Evaluations document that most students said they wanted to play an iCivics game again, and that 78% had a better understanding of how government worked after playing Branches of Power.


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