Bad Teacher-Good Movie?


What do you think?

I haven’t seen the movie Bad Teacher yet but I have watched the trailer and read two blog posts whose writers come from different places. The reviews are from EdWeek bloggers Rick Hess Straight Up and Nancy Flanagan Teacher in a Strange Land.

Rick is from the American Enterprise Institute and views the movie as a breathe of fresh air. He thinks the movie tells it how it is and he liked it because “it treated teachers, students, and schooling with snark, humor, and attitude, rather than the kid-gloves sentimentality that turns almost every edu-movie into a tedious, predictable morality play.”

Nancy was a music teacher for 30 years before turning to writing and consulting focusing on leadership. She asks many questions in her post. She imagines a variety of viewers of the movie and the information they are getting about schools. Most importantly to her is how do people get their information? How does a movie about a bad teacher change community members perceptions about what really goes on in schools?

Please read the posts (including the comments), view the trailer, and if you’d like see the movie. Provide your view on what the movie presents by making a comment below.


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