Middle School Students Impress Commissioner Bowen With MLTI Laptops


Student presenters w/Jim Moulton at student conference in May

Among the students mentioned in Commissioner Bowen’s latest newsletter is Telstar Regional Middle School eighth grader Mike Rodway who proved that, with the help of his MLTI laptop, he’s become a master filmmaker. He electrified the crowd during a presentation that involved him interacting with a filmed version of himself on stage.

Joe Lien demonstrated his penchant for playing the guitar, and told us he probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to play before a large crowd until he used his MLTI laptop to create a multimedia presentation of his life story.

Commissioner Bowen is commonly asked about the future of MLTI — most frequently about the program’s future technological foundation. Will the next iteration of MLTI involve more laptops, iPads or some other technology that doesn’t yet exist?

He says it’s too early to know the answer to that question, especially given how fast technology changes.

What we do know, though, is that we don’t want to return to the days when technology wasn’t an integral part of a student’s learning. To the days when Mike Rodway wouldn’t have otherwise discovered he’s an immensely talented filmmaker. To the days when Joe Lien wouldn’t have overcome his nerves to perform in front of a large crowd.

That would be a disservice to the students we’re trying to educate to be innovative, resourceful, entrepreneurial and prepared for the 21st century.

Maine is already ahead of the pack when it comes to putting laptops in the hands of its students. Let’s stay ahead, keeping focused on how technology can transform our students’ learning. For the rest of the commissioner’s newletter go to http://ht.ly/58Wk5.


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