Happy Anniversary to Us!


June 1st

Yes, it is true… we are a little older, hopefully a little wiser, definitely better looking, and I’d like to think providing useful information! The title reads: Happy Anniversary to Us! and that refers to the Bright Futures blog. On June 1, 2010 Bright Futures member Chris Toy wrote and made our first blog post. Since then we have posted 118 times.

It’s time to reflect on our work! We, the members of the Bright Futures Partnership are reflecting and I invite you to do the same. Please post your comments at the bottom of this post and let us know what you think about the blog.

When we started the blog the Bright Futures partner members were Bob Spear and Chris deGroff representing NELMS, Mary Callan as co-chair of the Middle Level Commission, Wally Alexander representing MAMLE, Chris Toy who was a member of the Commission, Jill Spencer who edited the BF report, and myself, Argy Nestor representing the Maine Department of Education. All of us are middle level educators who started in the classroom and care deeply about what goes on in middle level schools across the country and especially in Maine.

So, what have we been doing during the last year and what does the near future look like for the partnership? Welllllll… we have met monthly and continue to actively work on putting the report in educators hands and to encourage those who work with young adolescents to use the report to help form and inform their work. The report is online at the Maine Department of Education web page at http://www.maine.gov/education/ml/index.html. There are posters that accompany the report and you can obtain them by emailing me argy.nestor@maine.gov.

We have created youtubes that highlight segments of the report and you can find them at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGw5BFK1RMs

As we celebrate the blogs 1st birthday we say good-bye to Bob Spear who has officially retired from his post at NELMS and the Bright Futures Partnership. A great big THANK YOU to Bob for helping us launch the partnership and the blog. We are in the middle of expanding the partnership as our work continues to move forward and we’ll keep you posted.

As we celebrate our first year we thank you for being faithful readers and encourage you to consider contributing your voice by writing a post or a comment on the blog!


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