Maine Scholar Leader Awards, Maine’s ONLY Statewide Recognition of Middle Level Students – Plan to Join Us!


Mark Thursday, May 19th 6-8 PM at the Augusta Civic Center on your calendars for this year’s Middle Level Scholar Leader Awards Recognition and Banquet! This is the only statewide event designed to recognize and celebrate students that represent the best that Maine’s schools with middle grades wish for all students. This annual event is co-sponsored by The Maine Association for Middle Level Education (MAMLE) and the New England League of Middle Schools. (NELMS) Former middle school teacher and now Education Commissioner Bowen will bring greetings. For more information about the Maine Scholar Leader program contact Dr. Wally Alexander at For registration materials go to

Here are schools who have participated in the the Maine Scholar Leaders program. Be sure to add your name to the list for this year!

Mt. Blue Middle School, Farmington

Elm Street School, Mechanic Falls

Jay Middle School, Jay

Center Drive School, Orrington

Rockland District Middle School, Rockland

Woodland Junior/Senior High School, Baileyville

Saco Middle School, Saco

Calais Middle/High School, Calais

Frank H. Harrison Middle School, Yarmouth

Medway Middle School, Medway

Mt. Jefferson Jr. High School, Lee

Middle School of the Kennebunks, Kennebunk

Wiscasset Middle School, Wiscasset

Winthrop Middle School, Winthrop

Lewiston Middle School, Lewiston

Palermo Consolidated School, Palermo

Saint Michael School, Augusta

Orono Middle School, Orono

Reeds Brook Middle School, Hampden

Thomaston Grammar School, Thomaston

Joseph A. Leonard Middle School, Old Town

Bruce M. Whittier Middle School, Poland

Gardiner Regional Middle School, Gardiner

Minot Consolidated School, Minot

Medomak Middle School, Waldoboro

Boothbay Region Elementary School, Boothbay Harbor

Hall-Dale Middle School, Farmingdale

Monmouth Middle School, Monmouth

Mount Ararat Middle School, Topsham

SeDoMoCha Middle School, Dover-Foxcroft

Gray-New Gloucester Middle School, Gray

Jefferson Village School, Jefferson

So. Aroostook Community School, Dyer Brook

Auburn Middle School, Auburn

Biddeford Middle School, Biddeford

Holbrook School, Holden

Scholar Leader Award Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the major reasons that schools participate?
A: Schools frequently report the following:

positive recognition for students
positive recognition for and supports parents of young adolescents
promotes scholarship and leadership for middle level students
one of the few positive statewide events for the middle level for young adolescents
one of the few state wide events for middle level students
recognizes students beyond the school community
brings recognition to our school
students, parents, school officials and administration all sit together for a great evening of fun and recognition
it reflects well on all middle school students, not just the two that are recognized
it supports our school goals
promotes dignity and respect for all
a way to show pride in our students
it helps support the mission of the sponsor organizations

Q: How do schools generate resources for this event?
A: In this time of tight budgets, there might be a variety of sources used to generate the resources needed for this activity. The following are some suggestions:

fundraising money from our school
access the student activity fund
access the principal’s fund
our parent group or a few parents pay for the table
five or six people share the expense of a table (Superintendent, curriculum leaders, building leaders, School Board Chairperson, Mayor, Selectmen to name but a few)
we have a local business sponsor the whole table
our school board sponsors our participation
the teachers association and/or the administrator’s association pays for the table
all our teachers chip in a few bucks so our school can attend
civic group in our community pays for our attendance
money comes from the school budget, we set it aside every year
we ask the parents to pay for their dinners but the school pays for the students

Q: Is this dinner a form of a star system for middle level students?
A: In discussions, asking those who have participated, they feel that:

the students chosen are representatives of others
the students who do “good” things can be role models
if you don’t recognize students who do these kinds of things, there will not be a model for others to follow
the criteria is very broad, almost all our students are eligible
this is just one more way we recognize students
any positive recognition is a good thing and far out weighs any disadvantages
it is a way to recognize talent that might not be recognized otherwise in traditional school recognition programs
the criteria is all inclusive, we find that kids chosen for this would probably not be chosen for other forms of recognition
we find few recognition for leaders in our school
we recognize kids in a variety of ways so from their prospective it’s but one more way to acknowledge the good works of their colleagues
having the students be representative of others is really helpful
Q: How do you select your students for this award?
A: School leaders report a variety of ways they select students. They are:

team leader council solicits nominations from teachers and then selects the two students
the appropriate team(s) nominate students and the guidance department selects the two students
the teachers nominate the student and the unified arts teachers select the two students to be recognized
our student government nominates students and the team leader council and school improvement committee selects the two to be representative
each teacher nominates one student, the two are then selected by administration but we send letters to all the parents of the other students nominated telling them of their recognition even though they were not selected as one of the two
my 8th graders are usually on a class trip at this time so we made this a 7th grade award
we get our students involved in the selection process
the principal selects the two students and invite the parents to attend
the administrative team sits down and selects the students


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