Vocabulary Instruction: Everyone’s Job!!!


Three BIG Reasons why everyone needs to play an active role in helping students develop a broad vocabulary:

  • The size of a student’s written vocabulary is a sure-fire indicator of his/her potential academic success
  • Reading comprehension in all content areas is affected by a student’s breadth of vocabulary knowledge
  • People need 25-30 encounters with a new word to truly internalize it.

The questions is how!?!  Here’s what not to do:

  • Assign a list of words for the students to look up in the dictionary.
  • Ask students to use words correctly in a sentence after a brief introduction to the words.

These are two of the least effective ways to help students internalize new words.

If not these traditional practices, then what!?!

Join Barbara Greenstone and Jill Spencer on a MLTI Webinar, Thursday, March 31st at 3:15 or 7:15 to participate in a conversation about effective vocabulary instruction.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by chrisjohnbeckett @ Maine121.org

March 31 Webinar – Vocabulary: There’s a Word for That!

“Every teacher, at any grade level or in any content area, faces the challenge of teaching vocabulary. The traditional practice of having students look up the word, copy the dictionary definition, use the word in a sentence, and then memorize it for a test has been proven ineffective. How can we help our students truly expand both their receptive and productive vocabularies?

In this webinar we will examine some of the research on best practices for vocabulary instruction as we explore how we can use some applications on the MLTI MacBook as well as some online resources to help our students learn new words, make strong connections, and retain the vocabulary they need for academic success.”

Here are the outcomes for the webinar:

Participants will:
• be aware of what research says about vocabulary instruction;
• know some practical strategies and techniques for vocabulary instruction;
• be aware of MacBook applications as well as online tools and resources that support vocabulary instruction;
• know where to go for more information and help;
• share resources, ideas, and experiences with the group.

If you you have never participated in an MLTI webinar you will find it quite easy.  Everyone is welcome even folks beyond the great State of Maine!

  1. You need both a phone and a computer.  It is best that the phone be on a direct line and not go through an automated voice mail system.
  2. Go to http://maine121.org/webcasts-2/ and scroll down to the calendar to March 31.  Click on the time that you wish to attend: 3:15 or 7:15.
  3. Follow the directions to join the webinar.
  4. If you cannot attend the live webinar, they are all archived.

See you online!



One Response to “Vocabulary Instruction: Everyone’s Job!!!”

  1. Argy Nestor Says:

    Wow! Your webinar sounds AWESOME! I wish I was available to participate. I am so glad the webinars are recorded so I can access it as a follow-up.

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