Middle Level Education Institute (MLEI) Registration is Now Open!


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein

Is your school facing some changes in the fall?

  • A new administrator?
  • Team structure evolving?
  • Leadership Team tackling a critical issue like school climate or RTI?
  • Another strategy for raising test scores?

If you are planning on doing anything differently at your school next year, MLEI can help! (August 1-4, 2011 at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine)


Dr. Nancy Doda chats with a small group at MLEI.

MLEI’s intensive hands-on, collegial environment engages participants in collaborative and rigorous research-based conversations designed to build a group’s capacity to address school goals through creative problem solving and strategic planning.

Achieving student improvement is the focus of this year’s Institute and will be viewed through three lenses: 1. Academic Outcomes
, 2. The Whole Child, and 3. Leadership and Organization. School teams will work with our staff that has nationally and internationally acknowledged expertise in these areas. Stan Davis and Chuck Saufler, leaders in safe schools and bullying prevention will be on hand to work with groups on issues such as cyberbullying and RTI behavior plans.  Nancy Doda, Chris Toy and Bill Zima, experts in leadership team development, will coach groups working together to solve school issues.  Mark Springer, Cathy TibodeauJill Spencer, Phil Brookhouse, and Barbara Greenstone, authorities on teaching and learning with 21st century young adolescents, will lend their expertise to teams addressing curriculum and instruction matters.


School team engaged in creative problem solving.

MLEI has a tradition of being a catalyst for doing things differently in many middle schools.  With its supportive, knowledgeable consultants, thought-provoking presentations, time for reflection, and team work sessions, MLEI provides the environment for leadership or interdisciplinary teams, single-focus groups, or individuals to develop skills and to craft plans that will help students be more successful.  Practices developed at MLEI reflect the research and recommendations from the literature on effective schools for young adolescents, overcoming Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Three graduate credits are available. Registration information and an in-depth look at MLEI are available on our website: http://mleimaine.net/. For more information, please contact Chris Toy (christoy.net@gmail.com) or Jill Spencer (jillspencer51@gmail com).

Learn new strategies to use back home!

Effective practices for teaching and learning with young adolescents are always modeled and practiced.  MLEI is definitely not a “sit and get” experience.





Middle Level Education Institute August 1-4   Thomas College Waterville, Maine

Add to your social network with a face to face meeting!


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