Rice Bowl Challenge


The Maine Learning Technology Initiative in partnership with the Good Shepherd Food-Bank and the United Nations World Food Programme is excited to invite you to participate in the first annual Rice Bowl Challenge. We invite you to challenge your students to Think Globally, Act Locally. The challenge starts now and runs through February 12, 2011.

Students can Think Globally by playing the Freerice game online that challenges them with questions about art, vocabulary, chemistry, geography, world languages, and math. For each question answered correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Programme. The game is adaptive, so as students answer correctly, the questions get harder! Last year, 1000 students at the 7th Annual MLTI Student Conference played Freerice for 45 minutes and donated 2.4 million grains of rice to the World Food Programme. This year, we hope that 100,000 Maine students will participate! Students, teachers, parents, and community members can play. Learn more at http://www.mlti.org/ricebowl

Students can Act Locally by helping to raise online donations for the Good Shepherd Food-Bank. The Good Shepherd Food-Bank helps collect and distribute much needed food to organizations all over Maine to help feed the hungry. Schools can compete to see which school can raise the most money during the RiceBowl Challenge by registering online. By registering, your school will have a unique URL that will accept online donations directly to the Good Shepherd Food-Bank on behalf of your school. 100,000 students each helping to raise an average of $10 each would mean $1 million to help feed the hungry here in Maine. To learn more and register your school, please visit http://www.mlti.org/ricebowl

Wait there’s more! Look here some curricular ideas on how to challenge kids to think about how to solve hunger. If you have additional ideas, please share them! http://www.mlti.org/ricebowl

Thank You,


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