A Letter From the Middle to Governor Paul LePage


A Letter from the Middle to Governor Paul LePage

One of the assignments that I often give to the students in my graduate level classes at Thomas College is to write a letter to either the Secretary of Education, the governor of Maine, Maine’s commissioner of education or a local school district superintendent regarding an issue that we are studying.  I ask the students to remark on the current policies regarding that issue, what the research reveals about it and recommendations the student may have for that policy leader. While I do not require that students send the letters, I have found that many actually do so and thus feel that they have contributed their views and voice towards the development of educational policy.

In a previous posting on this blog, I challenged those who care deeply about the education of our young adolescents to contact their legislators with a very similar message.  I wonder how many of those reading this entry have actually done that?

So, here is my second challenge.  Since recently elected governor Paul LePage has yet to name a commissioner of education, I will address the letter to him.  Please add your thoughts in the comment section below and I will forward the results of this letter to the governor one month from this posting!

Dear Governor LePage,

We are writing this letter on behalf of all young adolescents in the state of Maine.  We care deeply about not only their current educational experience, but also their futures as the civic and economic leaders for this great state.


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