The Rocking Chair


I have discovered, or rather, re-discovered the magic of the rocking chair.

This summer, I was cleaning out part of the barn at my in-law’s house (which is now partly my house, since both in-laws have passed), and discovered an old, dirty, abandoned rocking chair buried under boxes, bales and assorted discarded junk. Knowing that my office (I’m a guidance counselor) needed chairs, I adopted it.

I brought the chair home, cleaned it, and painted it a cheery yellow. A chair cushion in red with yellow sunflowers completed the cheeriness. On the first “tally-ho” day, I trucked the chair to my office.

This chair has become central to my counseling – to both students and staff. Sitting and rocking has a magical quality that seems to provide a calming motion and allows feelings, thoughts, fears, joys, . . . to come pouring out. Students, particularly boys, who come into my office agitated and upset, spend a few minutes rocking and talking, and then can return to class to finish the day.

In observing this phenomenon, I remember rocking my children when they were upset, sick, agitated, and the rocking chair helped sooth them. I also remember, back in my elementary teaching days, having a rocking chair in kindergarten classrooms. Again, it seems that we sometimes neglect the “old school” trappings in favor of the technological and trendy.

So, cheers to the old-fashioned rocking chair – I pray it continues to comfort another generation.  May 2011 be comforting to you and your loved ones.


One Response to “The Rocking Chair”

  1. Argy Nestor Says:

    Having worked with Chris for several years as the art teacher at the then D.R. Gaul Middle School in Union I can attest that it is the many thoughtful parts (like the chair) that makes Chris aware of every students needs. By far, the largest component of her success is her clear understanding that it is about the relationship formed with each student that provides every opportunity for student success! Thanks Chris for doing what you do everyday! ~Argy

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