The Future of Middle Level Education


Ed Brazee has a blog called The Futures of Middle Level Education and his most recent post is called The golden age of middle level education… behind or still ahead? It is thought provoking and gives a historical perspective on middle level education in Maine. The post finishes with questions to urge us to consider where we presently are and where we are headed. I recommend you read it and give your opinion on the post.

While you are there check out the many links to other middle level blogs… I found myself wanting to take more time to read the posts… so many thought provoking ideas and information with tons of resources. Most of the blogs Ed has links to belong to middle level teachers so there is something for everyone who teaches young adolescents. And of course, I highly recommend author Dan Pinks blog.

Perhaps Ed’s blog and the many others on his blog will plant seeds on starting your own blog if you don’t already have one. How could you use a blog for yourself as an educator or with your students or what if your students created their own blogs? Please post your ideas below in the Comment section.


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