Ed Brazee Honored With Lounsbury Award at NMSA


Ed Brazee Honored at NMSA Annual Conference

The darkened ballroom at the Baltimore Convention Center grew quiet as Howard Johnston stepped to the podium to announce the name of the 2010 John Lounsbury Award honoree.  It is NMSA’s highest award and is described on their website in these words, “… given only when an individual has demonstrated a level of service, integrity, and leadership in middle level education that warrants this special recognition”.

Twenty or more people with Maine connections were sitting in the front rows and they all shared a secret.  They knew who the honoree was, and they also knew the honoree didn’t have a clue his name was about to be announced.

Dr. Johnston described the award and stepped aside as Dr. John Lounsbury appeared on the big screens via video to announce the name of the 2010 honoree–Dr. Edward Brazee. The Maine crowd burst to their feet with applause as Ed in his usual modest way made his way to the podium.

Ed has influenced middle level education in Maine and across the nation in multiple ways: courses, founding member of MAMLE, originator of the MAMLE Annual Conference, director of the Middle Level Education Institute, member and/or chair of two state Middle Level Commissions, and author of numerous articles for in-state and national publications.  He is also an author of several books related to middle level education, has been involved with the major revisions of This We Believe, and served as publications editor for NMSA where he shepherded numerous books through the publication process.

Many Maine educators count Ed as an major influence and mentor in their professional lives. They have stretched further and done more than they ever thought possible. Some have gone on to work at the national and international level. As a result, Maine’s middle schoolers and students across the country have benefited tremendously from having teachers and principals who recognize their unique learning needs and are knowledgeable in how to effectively address them.  Congratulations Ed and thank you for helping to improve the educational experience for Maine’s young adolescents for over 25 years!


5 Responses to “Ed Brazee Honored With Lounsbury Award at NMSA”

  1. Catherine Ring Says:

    Wow, what an honor, and an inspiration! Great article, Jill!

  2. Jill Spencer Says:

    Thank you Catherine for your kind words. It was really exciting to be in Baltimore to see Ed receive his award. He is most deserving!

  3. Jill Burch Says:

    Thanks Jill for this great ‘wrap-up’ of a moving and well deserved award given to Ed Brazee, my big brother, in Baltimore last week. It was great to see the very tip of some of the many people he has touched throughout his career. He has worked hard and it’s wonderful to see it acknowledged in such great fashion!

    The surprise part was the BEST!


  4. Argy Nestor Says:

    YAHOOOOOOO for Ed Brazee! Ed has influenced me as an educator in numerous ways! He encouraged me to write and without that encouragement I probably wouldn’t be such an avid blogger today. Ed was my mentor and adviser when I did my graduate work at UMaine. Part of my work took me along with my family on a 3 month cross country excursion visiting middle level schools. Thank you Ed for your encouragement and support and for what you’ve done to impact middle level education in Maine and the country! Thanks for the GREAT post Jill!

  5. Jerry Lynch Says:

    The difference that Ed has made in so many lives including mine can not be expressed in a box this small. The first middle level conference in Maine, the Summer Institute, the creation of MAMLE, U of Maine outreach programs, the Master’s degree program, Maine DoE middle level reports and soooo much more. BUT the greatest thing Ed did was to quietly work with individuals in his non-assuming and accepting way to educate them at their level about the importance of meeting the needs of the pre-adolescents with whom they worked. From my point of view he is truly the greatest educational gift Maine has ever received from the State of Colorado or for that matter any state. Thanks Ed and thanks to Jill for the great article.

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