Class Trips to Washington, DC–A Place to Stay!


I’m wondering if  class trip planners know about the National 4-H Conference Center in Washington, DC?  Evidently they offer accommodations for school groups at lower rates than the local hotels–sounds like a good deal to me.

I heard about the Center while at the Food Court of the Baltimore Convention Center where the NMSA Annual Conference is taking place.  Barbara Greenstone and I were grabbing lunch and chatting about how good Janet Allen’s session on vocabulary was that we had just attended. A young man sat down at our table, and we learned that he was the national sales and marketing manager for this 4-H Center.  Being nosy, I quizzed him on the Center so I could share it with this blog’s readers.  Here’s the info:

“The National 4-H Youth Conference Center’s suburban campus is just one mile from Washington, DC. Providing accommodations for all student and youth groups and their chaperones, we are uniquely designed by and for youth. Our campus features a high-energy recreation room, internet café, basketball and volleyball courts, comfortable lounges and other great amenities.”

Sean Valentine is the name of the sales manager.  He’s going to be at the NELMS conference in April in Providence if you want to chat with him.  In the meantime his email is

The NMSA conference has been terrific as usual!  Next year’s is in Louisville which I’ve learned is pronounced…Lou A Vulle.  It’s time to think about submitting proposals to present–Maine middle level educators have a lot to share–especially in the areas of technology integration, literacy across the curriculum, outdoor education programs, curriculum integration, RTI done right for young adolescents, differentiation, middle level education within a K-8 format, and visual and performing arts education.


2 Responses to “Class Trips to Washington, DC–A Place to Stay!”

  1. Jill Burch Says:


    It was great to meet you and have dinner with you Thursday night after the first general session of the NMSA Conference. It was a pleasure to be there in Baltimore to see my Big Brother be honored in such a nice way with the John Lounsbery Lifetime….Award. I have met many of the people before and now you are another great one to add to the list!
    Have a great rest of the conference.


  2. Argy Nestor Says:

    That is WILD that you learned about the National 4H Center while at the conference in Baltimore Jill! It is a FABULOUS place that I first visited when I was a junior in High School. I (along with my now husband) participated in the 4H Citizenship Short Course program. My sister is a 4H educator in Ohio and has over the years traveled to the center many times. Her daughter was a tour guide at the center in 2007 and my younger son worked there in 2009. Because of his wonderful experience living and working with students from all over the US that came to DC on school trips, he fell in love with DC and hopes to go back there to live and work again. ~Argy

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