MAMLE Presents Awards–Part 2


Each year at the MAMLE conference at Sugarloaf awards are presented to individual middle level educators as well as teams. This year there were four presented and there will be four blog posts, one on each honoree. This is the second of the four…


Jill Spencer, Barbara Greenstone, Sandy Nevens

Long time friend and colleague Jill Spencer presented one of two 2010 Janet Nesin Reynolds Outstanding Middle Level Educator Awards to Barbara, and she had these highlights to share about Barbara’s career (so far) and contribution to middle level education…

  • Has a long time history in middle level education
  • Taught in several towns across Maine
  • Believes in a creative approach to teaching – theater, newspapers, story telling
  • Touched students for over 30 years who are now delighted to catch up with her through social networking
  • Spent long, long hours in creating curriculum that engages and challenges a diverse student audience
  • Got bitten by technology bug about 15 years ago
  • Exhibits the characteristics of a quintessential life long learner – taught herself and then shared that knowledge with colleagues and students
  • Searching always for ways to reach the unreachable
  • Moved her middle school (Mt. Ararat Middle School) ahead in technology with her techno shows, which opened everyone’s eyes to the possibilities of integrating learning technology into the curriculum
  • Worked tirelessly with teams to develop cutting edge units incorporating learning technology. For example, students learned history through digital story telling with family photographs
  • Helped students thought to be unteachable surprise both their teachers and themselves with sophisticated projects
  • Brought the staff together in making movies such as Foxy Vixen and Harry Plotter – she wrote, directed and produced films that starred staff. Tears from laughter rolled down everyone’s faces at the end of the year get-togethers.  These activities helped build a sense of camaraderie.
  • Lured to MLTI the first year of its inception
  • Traveled from Kittery to Fort Kent, Rangeley to Danforth in her role of providing professional development for educators as an integration mentor
  • Checked into a guest house with no electricity and banging shutters that went bump in the night, survived harrowing rides through Maine treacherous weather in order to help teachers and students become more proficient with the laptops
  • Visits schools, leads webinars, does a million presentations and writes a trillion NoteShare Notebooks available to all
  • Online at many an ungodly hour, always available to help a colleague with a problem or provide support as deadlines loom
  • She has probably personally touched the educational lives of more Maine middle level teachers and students than any other individual.



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