MAMLE Presents Awards- -Part 1


Each year at the MAMLE conference at Sugarloaf awards are presented to individual middle level educators as well as teams. This year there were four presented and there will be four blog posts, one on each awardee. This is the first of the four…


Long time friend and colleague Michele Demkowicz presented the one of two 2010 Janet Nesin Reynolds Outstanding Middle Level Educator Award’s to Lisa Gilman. She had these highlights to share about Lisa’s work and contribution to middle level education…

Lisa Gilman and Michele Demkowicz

Lisa has earned this prestigious award by meeting the developmental needs of young adolescents in the classroom, providing opportunities to learn through collaborative experiences, connecting units with various subject areas, using problem solving activities and student choice.

Lisa has presented at MAMLE and other statewide conferences and is published in state and national journals. For many years Lisa has incorporated the use of technology and the tools of MLTI into her art room and it is a large part of students learning. She really “gets it”!

Differentiation comes naturally to Lisa, bringing out the best in all the students, from those with special needs to the advanced learners. She uses a hands-on approach to engaging all students.

Lisa worked with her students to create the center pieces for Maine’s middle school Scholar Leader dinner, 85 small clay vases. Connecting with all students is best exemplified by the 100% student participation in a mural project. The mural expands one wall of the cafeteria, 85 feet long, is permanent for all students, staff, parents and community members to view. And the work was documented by students and staff on a blog that Lisa set up for the project.

On the Winthrop Town website, under Winthrop Art and History walk, is some of the great work that super teacher Lisa Gilman has created with students. Lisa is continuously evaluating her teaching practices and striving to improve to benefit all her students.




2 Responses to “MAMLE Presents Awards- -Part 1”

  1. Jill Spencer Says:

    Congratulations Lisa!

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