Changing Education Paradigms


RSA Animate with Sir Kenneth Robinson

Fascinating presentation with plenty of food for thought and ideas to discuss with colleagues. Not only is the content valuable but I found the presentation delivery engaging! Eleven minutes and forty seconds well worth your time.


One Response to “Changing Education Paradigms”

  1. Jill Spencer Says:

    I liked this video a lot. However Prof. Daniel Willingham from the University of Virginia has some issues with it. One being that Robinson’s ideas have root in the Age of Romanticism which came about as a reaction to the emphasis on logic and reason during the Enlightenment and thus are not new ideas at all. He also feels that Robinson has some inaccuracies in this talk. You can read his response in Valerie Strauss’ blog the Answer Sheet: I think one really important point to ponder is that there have been schools based on Robinson’s big ideas in the past that have spectacularly successful, but almost impossible to replicate because it is so hard to identify precisely why they are successful. Something to think about for those of us who would like to change our schools from the current paradigm of test and script more.

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