Teaching Tips Blog–Check It Out!


“Coach G’s Teaching Tips” is a great blog on strategies and practices that teachers can use to create an engaging learning environment for their students.  The URL is http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/coach_gs_teaching_tips/

The author is David Ginsburg.  A former teacher, he now is an instructional coach and delivers professional development around the country.  His teacher voice comes through in his blog as he offers ideas about classroom organization and management as well as his take on effective teaching and learning.

Recent topics include:

I wish something like this blog had been around when I was learning how to teach! I could have used the help just like most new teachers.  Some days I remember feeling like I was hanging on by my toenails. Coach G’s ideas are practical and easily applied. Recommend this blog to the new teachers on your hallway; they will find it very useful.  Veteran teachers will probably enjoy reading it also–I’ve found a couple of ideas to use in my presentations.

PS–Remember it’s not too late to register for the MAMLE’s Annual Conference at Sugarloaf! http://www.mamleonline.org/conference.php


2 Responses to “Teaching Tips Blog–Check It Out!”

  1. David Ginsburg Says:

    Thanks for plugging my blog, Jill. I’m so glad you’ve found it useful, and would love to hear about you and your readers’ experiences–good or bad–implementing my ideas: david@ginsburgcoaching.com .

    Looks like a lot of practical, provocative ideas in your blog too!

    David Ginsburg (aka Coach G)

  2. Jill Spencer Says:

    Thank you Coach G for taking the time to reply to this post! I do a lot of hands-on presentations –thinking about getting a tool belt! Jill

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