A Must Read Response to Waiting for Superman


Waiting for Superman is receiving a lot of press right now. The movie is a project of David Guggenheim who won an Academy Award for An Inconvenient Truth.   I’ve not seen the movie yet, but it looks closely at American education through the lens of big city schools.  Evidently it is highly critical of teacher unions and portrays charter schools as a really good answer to failing public schools.  No doubt it is a movie we all should see.  It will probably make us angry for a number of reasons–it sounds like there is a fair amount of teacher bashing in it, yet it also highlights egregious practices that negatively impact many children’s lives.  Conscientious and compassionate educators are appalled and frustrated by bad educational practice.

We need, however, to do more than sputter about the parts of the movie we may feel are biased and inaccurate. We educators must be able to speak to the issues without sounding like we are whining and wanting to keep the status quo.  It’s always helpful, I think, to read what others think.  There is a post in the blog, ” The Answer Sheet” that is worth reading entitled “What Superman Got Wrong, Point by Point.”   It is written by Rick Ayers, an educator from California:


Other posts in the blog also address Waiting for Superman and NBC’s Education Nationhttp://voices.washingtonpost.com/answer-sheet/

I hope folks will go see Waiting for Superman and comment on their reactions and thoughts about how the themes relate to education here in Maine.


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