Resources for New Teachers and Veterans for the New School Year


One of the first online middle level resources I found was a site called Middleweb.  It was started by a group of middle level educators who wanted to engage in congenial, collegial conversations focusing on middle level education.  Imagine a virtual room filled with hundreds of diverse, yet like minded middle level educators from all over the US, Canada, and the world engaged in a free flowing ongoing conversation about all things middle school.  Teachers, librarians, counselors, administrators, university folks, parents, and more contributing their perspectives with one another. That was over 10 years ago and Middleweb continues to provide educators who work with students in grades 5-8 some of the best resources for effective teaching and learning.  You can subscribe to MiddleWeb’s bi-weekly newsletter by visiting their site

Here are some items from this week’s newsletter.  Although the topics are selected specifically for educators new to the middle level, I think there’s some great reminders for everyone to keep in mind as we settle into the new school year.

Here’s the list of topics and a link to the newsletter…Enjoy!



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One Response to “Resources for New Teachers and Veterans for the New School Year”

  1. Mary Callan Says:

    I also really recommend While it is not specifically targeted at middle level, there are tons of relevant connections for the novice and experienced middle level educator. I particularly like the project learning area!

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