Bright Futures Partnership


Who, What, Where, Why?

The Bright Futures Partnership was formed this winter and is made up of the following middle level educators:

  • Wally Alexander
  • Mary Callan
  • Chris deGroff
  • Argy Nestor
  • Bob Spear
  • Jill Spencer
  • Chris Toy

The Bright Futures report was published in January 2009. Not to long after the report was released posters were created to accompany the report which include the reports highlights. A webpage at the Maine Department of Education was created to house the report and to provide other information pertaining specifically to the needs for middle level education.

In the fall of 2009 the educators listed above came together to determine how the report should and could be disseminated. Webinars were held once a month starting in December with Jill and Chris facilitating them using the Bright Futures topics. They were recorded so you can access them at no cost by clicking here.

The Bright Futures Partnership represents the Maine Department of Education, Maine Association for Middle Level Education, and the New England League of Middle Schools. These educators have had many conversations around planning and on how to continue this important work throughout Maine. This week at our gathering we took the picture that you see below.

You can obtain copies of the poster by emailing me. And be sure and email with questions about the report.

Chris Toy, Mary Callan, Argy Nestor, Jill Spencer, Bob Spear, and Wally Alexander. Missing is Chris deGroff.


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