Welcome to Brightfutures4ME!


Welcome to the Bright Futures Blog! This blog is a collaborative effort of the Bright Futures Partnership.The Partnership has representatives from the Maine Department of Education, The Maine Association for Middle Level Education (MAMLE), the New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS), and other interested middle level educators.

Our hope is to generate conversations about important issues and challenges that schools with middle level students face every day. Using the lens of the Bright Futures report will help us keep current research and effective practices for young adolescents in the forefront of our conversations.The blog will also serve as a vehicle for disseminating information related to middle level events, professional development opportunities, and celebrations.

The reader will notice several distinct voices within the blog because there will be multiple writers, each with a slightly different perspective on the world of middle level education. It is fair to say that each of us has devoted most of our professional careers to advocating that the education of the young adolescent must be developmentally responsive to their cognitive, social, psychological, and physical needs.  The middle grades are different from elementary school and high school.  Please join us in our conversations.


2 Responses to “Welcome to Brightfutures4ME!”

  1. Susie Hanley Says:

    Glad to be connected to this blog. I would like to make sure I can get to the Bright Futures Youtubes videos that might be used in a staff meeting context to focus or jumpstart our discussions.

  2. Chris Toy Says:

    Hi Susie!
    Great to see you on the blog…and in person at the MAMLE conference. I remember it was the middle and elementary teachers at Gorham who clued me in to the fact that we teach kids first and content second. As a young high school teacher, I think it laid the ground work for my career as a middle level convert!

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